[JOB] Creative Services Director, Blacksburg, VA, Rackspace Email and Apps, Recruiter, Full-Time

4 Dec 2009 - 9:44am
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stuart mease

Develop innovative user experience for existing and future customersthat differentiates Rackspace brand versus industry. Directs on-lineand off-line activities to build brand awareness and drive traffic,primarily to Rackspace’s Email & Apps Website. Responsibilitiesinclude web development, user experience, graphic design, on-linecontent, promotions and social media. Keeps executive-level managementinformed of departmental progress and opportunities. Manage resourceallocation (internal Rackspace teams, contractors and agency partners)including budget and personnel management.

Your responsibilities to your co-workers (the people pounding at your door) include:
Managedaily operations of the Rackspace Email and Apps external web site andthe partner portal ensuring smooth functioning of both websites’applications as well as managing daily site updates;
Implement improvements based upon feedback collected by internal and external customers;
Ensure online collaboration and functionality for Email and Apps sites across Rackspace and all subsidiaries;
Maintaining clear consistent messaging and branding on the site.
Your responsibilities to the customers (the people who pay us the big bucks) include:
Supervisethe web developer, user experience, and graphic design teams to ensurethat updates are prioritized and implemented on schedule;
Workclosely with all Marketing teams which have input to the externalwebsite to ensure the needs of prospects, analysts, partners, sales,etc. are met.
Important Skills and Characteristics:
Thoroughknowledge of market conditions, organization's product(s),marketing/communications/advertising practices and principles;
Proficient with wire frames, graphic design, user experience, search and web development techniques and technology;
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
Bachelor's degree in business, sales, marketing or advertising preferred;
A minimum of 15 years of experience in website, advertising, marketing communications and/or product management;
A minimum of 7 years of management experience.
You're going to do just fine here if:
You are passionate about our products and services as well as the projects we're working on;
You are hardworking, self-motivated, and passionate about learning and working with the latest technologies;
You love having to think outside the box to find solutions to problems;
You're a team player who adapts quickly to the ever changing environment at Rackspace; and
You want nothing more than to be part of one of the most exciting companies around. You must apply online at http://www.rackspace.com/email_hosting/careers/description/23


Stuart Mease
Recruiting Manager
Rackspace Email and Apps
stuart.mease at rackspace.com

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