Cost-justifying Usability

12 Nov 2009 - 11:16am
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Andrea Richeson

My name is Andrea Richeson. I have worked in web design and
development for Texas state government for several years and am
currently a graduate student at the University of Texas School of

I am working with Dr. Randolph Bias, Dr. Eugenie Bertus, and graduate
student Jana Tate to co-author a book chapter on the use of return on
investment (ROI) methods.

For our chapter, we wish to collect some fresh data on the use of
cost-justification approaches to earn usability resources.

If you have any experience (whether successful or not) with employing
cost-benefit analyses, we would like to ask you to complete our survey
by Friday, November 20.

Below is the link to the five- to ten-minute survey.

Thank you for your help.


Andrea Richeson
Graduate Student, UT School of Information
Web Designer, Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company
andrea.richeson at

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