Experience design is hot in 2005

21 Jan 2005 - 4:41am
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Lada Gorlenko

An exerpt from Forrester Research [1] report on customer experience trends
in 2005 [176 large North American companies surveyed]:

+ Only 24% of respondents have a single person responsible for
customer experience -- led by the services sector, where 36% of firms
assign this role to an exec.

+ For 34% of companies, increasing sales from existing customers is
their most important customer-facing objective for the year -- but not
in the utilities and telecom sectors, where 38% of respondents look to
cut costs.

+ Since companies expect customer interactions to increase, 64% of
firms felt that it was very important to shift customer contacts to
the Web -- with 80% of firms pointing to usability improvement as a
key tactic in this effort.

As firms intensify their focus on customers in 2005, they'll need to
work on the quality of their interactions. We looked at results from
the 311 customer experience evaluations that we've completed during
the past 18 months, and we found that most firms were unable to pass
even 80% of the criteria.

To improve the situation, firms must focus on designing experiences
that meet the needs of their target audience. A good place to start:
Scenario Design. This approach requires firms to continually ask
and answer three questions: Who are your users? What are their goals?
And how can you help them achieve those goals?


[1] www.forrester.com

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