Any photo-sharing apps out thereforarchitects-designers?

20 Jan 2005 - 8:19pm
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Anjali Arora, NYU

Sure, I see what you are saying, & it's a real trap, especially if the
existing app is a 'successful' one. Totally agree that it's not a bad idea
to reinvent the wheel, in fact somewhere in the process a spark might ignite
leading to an entirely fresh road.

I guess 'early in the process' in my setting (academic) is kind of
misleading, gives the impression of being the start of a longish time
period; the reality is the project is wrapped in about 12 weeks, so it
really helps to be clear of what one intends to do sooner rather than later.


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> Anjali Arora, NYU:
> > ... when one is presenting to a group of critics...
> You said "early in the process".
> When I mentored young designers I'd notice how they'd often gravitate
> towards known 'solutions' and would find it difficult to distill their
> from existing approaches.
> The kind of validation you mention belongs not at "early in the process"
> much later. Sometimes you need to re-invent the wheel, just to learn how
> feels to invent it.
> Ziya
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