Need Research based guidelines for IA and Design Framework

22 Oct 2009 - 11:11pm
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Has anyone came across some research based guidelines for IA and
basic design framework?
For one project I need to justify design with the help of some
research. (Design is in the inital phase where we are finalizing
layouts, navigation structure, etc)

Thanks in advance.

~ kishor


23 Oct 2009 - 1:26pm
Daniel Reneer

Sounds like you're riding a dark horse. There's no shortage of
research based guidelines online. A few minutes with Google will get
you guidelines galore. The research behind said guidelines is not as
accessible, and is oft times tied specifically to content and
platform specifics.

Are you doing something that has never been done before? It's very
difficult to find research that can be applied universally without a
significant leap of faith for adopters. I hope you're not in a
situation where every granular enhancement has to be backed up with
research and needing to "justify design". It's just too easy for
those who require the "justify"ing to claim exceptions against the
most exhaustive of guidelines collections. Believe me, I've been

There are other activities that might help.. Competitive audits;
gather design solutions from competitors and look for commonalities.
Ask key decision maker(s) in your organization what specific
solutions they've seen out there that would represent a baseline for
design. For navigation structure it might be easiest to get consensus
on how your content shares contextual similarities with what big
players are using (even if the content type is dissimilar) and then
go with what's ubiquitous.

** Trust your designer, or find a designer you can trust. **

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