Setting up a UX conference in Lisbon - needadvice and ideas

21 Oct 2009 - 4:43am
6 years ago
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Gregor Kiddie

On a personal note, I've combined Lisbon and a conference before,
neuroscience conference as it happened, and it was fantastic. There was
more than enough to keep my wife happy while I was at the conference
(she's definitely the more cultured of the two of us), and the city
itself is amazing!

The only two things I'd offer from my experience is, don't walk
anywhere: everything is uphill (both ways) and the cobbles are very
slick making it a bit of a slide rather than saunter, and don't (for the
love of $deity) drive: not unless you have nerves of steel, and know
where your horn is! Only city I've been to that can have a full blown
traffic jam with 4 cars, and communication is mainly done using car
horns... at 3 AM...


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21 Oct 2009 - 6:06am
Caroline Jarrett

I'll second Gregor's recommendation of Lisbon. Fantastic city to visit. We
love it, and usually think we're going to visit the many museums and other
cultural sites but end up buying an all-day tram pass and riding around on
the wonderful variety of trams, funiculars and (our favourite) the ornate
outside elevator.

For organising a conference: think about hooking up with Sandra Martins of
Português Claro. She's persuaded Clarity to have their next international
conference in Lisbon and she's the main organiser. Clarity is the
international society for plain legal language: mostly lawyers, but also
plenty of plain language practitioners and a few user experience people
(mostly ones like me who do a lot of work with government).

I'm sure she'll have a lot of ideas to share about how to get people from
outside of Portugal interested in your conference, securing sponsorship and
so on.

It might also make sense for you to have your conference at approximately
the same time, say overlapping by a day or something, so that people who
might be interested in both of them could do both.

I spoke at an event that she organised in association with INA on the
simplification of public communications: it was wonderfully well organised
and achieved a gratifyingly large attendance.

By the way: if you happen to have to tangle with lawyers in your work, then
I'd highly recommend Clarity. They publish a pretty good journal about twice
a year, and the dues are remarkably reasonable at US$35 per annum.

Caroline Jarrett

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