[EVENT] Re-cap of Tonight's IxDA Los Angeles event "Re-Invent 3.0: Augmented Reality"

14 Oct 2009 - 1:53am
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Los Angeles IxDA

Tonight IxDA Los Angeles & The Designory Inc. presented "Re-Invent
3.0: Augmented Reality" at the beautiful Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
in Culver City. Despite the rain, 70 people showed up to play with
augmented reality demos, eat delicious food from Urban Green Cuisine
and hear from design agencies that focus on leading-edge technologies
and new digital experiences such as augmented reality.

I'd like to thank our speakers: Bruno Uzzan, CEO at Total Immersion
and David Glaze, Group Creative Director at The Designory, Inc., for
showing us great demonstrations that highlighted some of the new
interaction possibilities, and reminding us that the obvious direction
is not always the right one. I also want to thank of all of our
amazing local volunteers who made the night possible, especially
Jinsoo An who came up with the idea for the event and did most of the
leg work to put the whole thing together. And last but not least, a
big thank you to our awesome IxDA Los Angeles community members who
attended, as always it is your participation that makes the events

The folks at Total Immersion would love to hear from the global
community about new ways you'd like to see augmented reality
technology evolve. Right now the technology merges realtime video with
3D animation and allows for interaction without requiring markers. The
most exciting thing is that these technologies can work with almost
any digital camera as long as the gestures to interact with the system
are broad. A child can hold a baseball card up to their laptop camera
and see a 3D image of the player in action or hold up a toy box and
see the toy in action. This, as Bruno Uzzan mentioned, is just the
beginning. Please reply to this thread and share your thoughts about
ways to utilize and expand this technology.

If you attended the event, please share feedback about the event at
the IxDA LA local site:
Let us know what you liked and what could be improved.

Our next event will occur in early December and will probably focus on
Mentoring. Thanks again and see you then!

Kind regards,

Angel Anderson
IxDA Los Angeles

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