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9 Oct 2009 - 12:16pm
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Jared M. Spool

[Apologies if you get multiple copies.]

I'm very excited about the User Interface 14 Conference that's coming
up, November 1-3 here in Boston, MA.

We have worked on this program for most of the year, and I have to
say: It's probably the best event we've ever done. (I know, I know --
I've said that before. But this one has really blown me away.)

There's IxDA's own Todd Zaki Warfel giving an amazing workshop on
prototyping. And Gerry McGovern will share his new technique on
determining the right words for links (what he calls Customer
Carewords, which take our notion of Trigger Words to the next level).

I'm also excited that Leah Buley will be making her UI Conference
debut, going into depth about her techniques for "creativity sprints"
that help teams creatively explore their design options. I also am
loving how Ginny Redish will dedicate a full day on writing for the
web, where she'll look at the strategy and the tactics behind great,
compelling content.

And that's just half of the conference. We've also got Scott Berkun,
Dan Rubin, Donna Spencer, and Dana Chisnell, going deep on great
topics like innovation, visual design, information architecture, and
advanced user research techniques.

Plus, you'll find me rambling on about some of the secrets behind
Amazon's success and what we can learn from studying their design

Of course, I'm not doing the program justice here. You should go check
it out in its full glory at http://uiconf.com

WAIT! BEFORE YOU CLICK THAT LINK, you should know that I've arranged a
special price and offer for discussion list members. (Let's just say
it's my way for saying thank you for putting up with my crazy postings.)

If you register by next Thursday, 10/15/09, you can save a bunch of
money with a low price of $1,670 for all three days, plus (and this is
the really cool part,) you'll get your choice of Bose In-Ear or Over-
Ear headphones with your registration. (If you can't come for all
three days, you can save $50 off of each day.)

To get the low price, use the JOFFER Promotion Code (JOFFER is short
for Jared's Offer) when you register. We'll make sure you get the low
price *AND* the headphones for your 3-day registration. (Or the $50/
day discount for any 1 or 2 day registration.)

OK, now you can click on http://uiconf.com and see the great program I
was talking about.

And I hope to see you at the conference! It'll be a blast.


p.s. Don't forget: Register by next Thursday and get a 3-day
registration, plus Bose headphones for $1,670. http://uiconf.com

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