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29 Sep 2009 - 9:02am
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Srinivas Annam

Hello IxDers,

I am following this mailing list for more than a year now and I truly
appreciate the quality of discussions happening here. I get to learn a lot
from this mailing list and the views expressed by people on various topics
in this list are top quality. As the topics here help me a lot in terms of
my work and understanding the different work and thought patterns that exist
across the globe, I believe that people here would be able to put some light
on this particular topic.

It would be great if someone in the list could help me clarify these
questions for a research survey:

- I wanted to know the prospects of being say a UX or IxD Architect for
one of the biggest retail brands to be known
- Tough the employer gives a set of roles and responsibilities with the
offer, but how does the community take it. Is it exciting? okay? or no there
is no top level design thinking envolved?
- How different is it from working at a same role for a software company
- Is it more exciting as a designer in terms of challenges
- What kind of resources can be reffered for retail/interactive marketing

Thanks in advance guys!!!


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