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14 Sep 2009 - 12:45pm
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Steve Cumbia

Research and Development

ACS Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions and
services to churches and faith- based organizations. The R&D department
is responsible for creating cutting-edge applications that fit into that
market and are geared towards supporting the administrative and ministry
needs of our customers

The Position: Interaction Designer

The Interaction Designer is responsible for the workflow design of Web
application user interfaces. As an Interaction Designer, you will work
closely with software developers and program managers throughout all
stages of the product cycle to anticipate and define how people desire
to use a product, visualizing and simplifying complex tasks into simple
step-by-step user interactions.

This is a leadership position that reports to the Executive Director of

If you're:

* a critical thinker and a creative problem solver

* interested in people and have a passion for improving their
experience with Web applications

* technical and skilled in design

* looking for a career where your work can impact the Web
experience of tens of thousands of software users,

.......then this is the role
for you.


* Define the user model and user interface for new and existing
products and features.
* Develop high level and/or detailed storyboards, mockups,
prototypes, wireframes, and product specifications to effectively
communicate interaction and design ideas.
* Gauge the usability of new and existing products, and make
constructive suggestions for change.
* Explain the user experience fundamentals to non-specialists and
drive change based on those concepts.
* Advocate user experience focus to incorporate it into the
overall product cycle and help grow the discipline at ACS.
* Assist the agile development process by providing timely,
meaningful feedback during all phases of the development cycle.
* Connect with the user interface development community to track
latest trends and emerging technologies.
* Champion user needs and continually strive to improve the
usability of our products while understanding business and technical
constraints. Understand the balance of user experience, business case,
and time-to-release in order to make appropriate strategic decisions.


* Solid academic background in human-computer interaction or
related field (BS or MS in Computer Science or related field a big
* Demonstrated experience in designing usable Web-based
* Expert HTML skills.
* Excellent knowledge of JavaScript for rapid prototyping
* Strong, clean visual design sense.
* Excellent leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.

About ACS Technologies

Founded in 1978, ACS Technologies is one of the largest privately owned
software developers in the state of South Carolina, and the largest
provider of church software products in the country, boasting over
50,000 active clients. Headquartered in Florence, ACS is committed to
serving its clients by building long-term relationships founded on
trust, respect, and a thorough understanding of their needs.

ACS is also committed to giving back to the community. The company
regularly supports and participates with local and national charitable
organizations, and corporately initiates and supports
environmentally-friendly alternatives, including providing paperless
alternatives for customers.

ACS recognizes family life as a high priority for our employees, and we
strive to be a family-friendly employer. In addition, our employees
enjoy company-sponsored social events such as the annual golf
tournament, company picnic, an organized softball team and bowling
league, game night, exercise programs, health fair events, a casual work
environment, free soft drinks, a half-day birthday vacation, and
competitive salary and benefit packages including health, dental, and

For more information about the company or our software products, visit

About Florence, South Carolina

Florence, a mid-sized city with a small-town feel, is home to the
Florence Phantoms <http://www.florencephantoms.com/> arena football
team, the Florence Red Wolves <http://www.florenceredwolves.com/> minor
league baseball team, and a host of local musicians and artists,
including the players of the Florence Little Theater
<http://www.florenceweb.com/FLT/> and the Florence Symphony Orchestra
<http://www.florencesymphony.com/> .

Centered between two major interstate intersections, I-95 and I-20,
Florence is often a midway point for road-weary travelers heading north
to New York or south to Florida. In recent years, the county has
experienced substantial growth, but has maintained affordable housing
options, a proactive police force, and a relaxed lifestyle, all with
taxes well below the national average.

With Florence's mild southern climate, residents can take advantage of
the exciting activities available, including:

* Having a picnic in one of our more than a dozen city/county
parks <http://www.cityofflorence.com/parks/facilities.html> ,

* Running, biking or rollerblading on the Florence Rail Trail
<http://www.cityofflorence.com/frontpage/42850cofTrailMap-a.pdf> , a
popular groomed and policed pathway that circles the city,

* Golfing on one of South Carolina's world class golf courses,

* Kayaking on the many natural waterways surrounding Florence
with the helpful staff of Naturally Outdoors
<http://www.naturallyoutdoors.com/default.asp> ,

* Eating at local restaurants with national recognition like
Redbone Alley <http://www.redbonealley.com/> , which has been showcased
in Southern Living magazine,

* Attending festivals and events, like the NASCAR race in
neighboring Darlington <http://www.darlingtonraceway.com/> , throughout
the year,

* And selecting locally grown produce at the Pee Dee State
Farmer's Market <http://www.pdfarmersmarket.sc.gov/> .

Florence is also home to two leaders in medical care, McLeod Regional
Medical Center <http://www.mcleodhealth.org/Home/index.cfm> and
Carolinas Hospital System <http://www.carolinashospital.com/> . Both
hospitals are award-winning centers for cardiovascular disease. McLeod
is partnered with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic in Ohio to offer
South Carolina residents the best in cutting-edge care.

Best of all, if you're craving big city lights, they're just short drive
away. The sandy dunes of Myrtle Beach are an hour from Florence,
Charleston, S.C., with all its old world elegance is just a couple
hours southeast, Charlotte, N.C., is three hours to the north and
Atlanta, Ga. is a mere four hours to the west. Florence, S.C. can offer
you the best of everything, with a climate made for year-round fun and
the mountains, or the ocean, just a short drive away.

For the official scoop on Florence, check out the Florence Chamber of
Commerce <http://www.florencescchamber.com/> . But to get the real deal
about what's going on in Florence, visit the Florence Flossip
<http://theflossip.com/> .

Steve Cumbia
Executive Director, Research & Development

ACS Technologies
p / 843.413.8014
e / steve.cumbia at acstechnologies.com
<mailto:steve.cumbia at acstechnologies.com> <
mailto:steve.cumbia at acstechnologies.com
<mailto:steve.cumbia at acstechnologies.com> >

i / www.acstechnologies.com <http://www.acstechnologies.com>

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