Senior Technical Writer Location(s): San Francisco, CA - HQ

9 Sep 2009 - 12:43pm
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Katy Moore

Description: As a technical writer on the Documentation team, you will
work collaboratively with other experienced writers to design, create,
write, and deliver concise, easy-to-understand documentation for the
Salesforce CRM application and/or the platform. You should
be self-directed and team-oriented with the ability to understand the
needs of business users and administrators, and deliver the documents
necessary to make them successful. You are not only a writer but a
customer advocate and an integral part of the software development
team. You are a problem-solver with excellent people and
communication skills, able to work with documentation management,
product managers, Java developers, QA engineers, and other staff to
understand and document new products and product enhancements. You
are focused on producing high-quality documentation, and you
understand how your work contributes to the overall success of the


Design, create, update, and deliver documentation for the
Salesforce CRM application and platform

Required Skills/Experience:

* At least 6+ years writing technical documentation for a
software development company
* Past experience documenting enterprise-class on-demand
* Exceptional technical writing and editing skills
* Proven ability to write documentation for both non-technical
business users and administrators
* Ability to consistently meet deadlines and deliver high-quality
* Proven track record of innovation for making online
documentation more usable and useful for customers
* Strong experience using XML tools to write single-source
documentation for both online help and PDF distribution
* Ability to learn quickly and adjust priorities in a dynamic
environment with short release cycles
* Demonstrated ability to adhere to existing styles and
processes, and contribute towards improving them as necessary
* Strong team player and able to work with documentation
management to establish goals and priorities
* Ability to learn new technologies quickly
* Bachelor's degree in a technical or communications field

Desired Skills:

* Hands-on experience with image editing and diagramming
software, such as Photoshop and Visio
* Experience using Arbortext Editor
* Experience with SCM tools such as Perforce, ClearCase,
* Experience documenting CRM software or financial services
* Experience using Adobe FrameMaker

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