iPhone turnover (was We don't make consumer products, hence no need for a User Centered Design development process.)

31 Aug 2009 - 4:07pm
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John Yuda

The iPhone has a 99% customer satisfaction rate:

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31 Aug 2009 - 5:31pm
Nancy Broden

For those with short memory spans:

I designed mobile applications in the pre-iPhone world. It was painful and
discouraging. The release of the iPhone has changed the "mobile value chain"
forever (I doubt Google's Android or the Palm's WebOS would have gained much
traction, let alone seen the light of day in an iPhone-less market). Even if
that were the only thing to have come out of the iPhone's release - and it
isn't, by a long shot - that would be enough for me.


31 Aug 2009 - 5:46pm
Stephen Holmes

Mmmm... this reminds me of something... the start of another OS war?

My 2c worth - I have had Macs all my working life and remember the
old OS flame wars back in the '90s (yes, I'm an old stager!)

I own the latest macBook Pro yet don't have an iPhone. My Nokia 6650
works fine; has for some time. Just came back from a conference (UX
Australia) and still didn't get a good BUSINESS case for owning one
from any of the many Mac and iPhone toting attendees! However I love
them - just don't want to spend a motza for the privilege (here in
Australia data plans are ridiculously expensive and the phone itself
is over $1,000 to own - my last one was free on quite a cheap plan).

There will be people who love them and depend on them- that is my
main worry. I'd prefer NOT to be as connected and contactable when
it suits me - to the point I don't take my laptop to conferences so
I don't get bugged by work while I'm away - they shouldn't need my
hand to hold every day and if they do I don't know how they got hired
in the first place :-)

Which brings me back to- via a tortuous route - to the original "all
iPhones are crap" kind of argument I get from paranoid Apple haters
(who also often say iTunes is the Devil BTW!). They often put up with
their own often disappointing choices and dig themselves into holes
defending them. Thus the all Apple stuff MUST be crap roundabout.

We've had the OS wars - Microsoft won the software war through the
conservative nature of corporates who forced decisions on the general
punter, also mainly conservative not knowing what else to do. Apple
won the hardware war due to doing what they know best - complete
integration of the hardware/software micro-economies with the Mac and
its iLife suite, iPods and now iPhones. I can only see Apple
continuing on its upward path, and Microsoft being distracted by such
oddities as the Surface! ;-)

Apple, through the iPhone, has changed the nature of mobile
communication and commerce - get over it Apple haters ;-) TFIC

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1 Sep 2009 - 4:44am
Ali Naqvi

Seems as if we got some reali IPhone fans here huh? :)
With regards to my friend:
It dropped out of his hands and fell to the ground. No one ran it
over with a truck :)
Let me remind you that in Denmark we chance mobile phones each 6
months due to our contracts. Its not rare at all to change a mobile
phone that often here. I can obviously not make a general statement,
and I purely write what I experience.
If the IPhone was so amazing to use, why did those I know change to
NOKIA after the 6 month period? They could simply get another phone,
renew the contract and carry on using IPhone. Yet they did not. I
guess I will have to get one myself, before making you guys upset ;)

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