Examples of pre-login \"soft personalization\"?

14 Aug 2009 - 12:20pm
6 years ago
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Audrey Crane

I'm looking for examples of personalization that happens when a user
has not yet logged in, either via cookies, geo location by IP
address, or flash cookies ("local shared objects").

Examples I have so far are:
- Amazon's home page, if you've ever logged in before
- Google local results in standard search result page
- ads everywhere

Any other ways to personalize w/o requiring login technically?
Any other names for this? Profiling?
Any other favorite examples?

Thanks in advance...


14 Aug 2009 - 3:36pm
John Yuda

I'm not sure if I'd call it personalization, but I've been to sites
that check the browser language preferences via the HTTP header and
serve different things based on that (usually just serving in the
correct language, but between language preferences and IP, you can
make a guess as to where the user is located.)

Mozilla checks your language and OS and offers the correct version of
Firefox for download above the fold on their page (with a link to get
to additional versions of the software).

Emusic does something similar to Amazon, in that they'll make some
music recommendations based on things you've looked at before, even
if you're not currently logged in (I assume this is tracked with
cookies, but I haven't dug very deeply).

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15 Aug 2009 - 10:39am

Hi Audrey,

I would think of the sort of data that you can you find out on a
visitor w/o logging him/her onto the system...

* Geo: Language, Country: Can help serving the relevant content, for
example - translated into the origin language, event and promotions
relevant to the country etc.
* Tech: Internet connection speed and type, OS, Browser, Screen
resolution: Can help serving the relevant platform and content, for
example - light no-flash version of the site if slow connection,
proper message if no browser-compatible, download OS-compatible
version of the software.
* Path: Referral, Keyword if arrived from SE: knowing the keyword
that a visitor has searched to find your site is extremely helpful.
You can have a flexible word in your header or a welcoming text and
replace it with that keyword. This make the visitor feel very
confident about the web page he/she arrived at. Or, you can redirect
the visitor to a relevant landing page or promotion.
* Date: Current date, Date of last visit: helps serving relevant
content such as latest articles and promotions.

As for examples,
Software sites use this to offer a relevant version of their
Gambling sites use this to prevent downloading their software in
countries where gambling is forbidden...
Ebay remembers last viewed items and next visit serves similar
News sites use promote the news that may be relevant to the country
you live in...

Good luck,

Julia Slavin
Israel Tour Online

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17 Aug 2009 - 11:02am

Something I do regularly is visit sites in firefox (my main browser. I
don't clear out my cache that often) and safari (I clear out my cache
every time I use it). I

t's really interesting to see the differences when going to the same
site in both browsers (with and without cookies).

This works especially well when seeing if an ecommerce site offers
better promotions for first time users;-)

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