2009 IDEA Conference early bird pricing ends August 15th, 2009

13 Aug 2009 - 1:52pm
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Mario Bourque

Early Bird pricing for IDEA is over in just a few days (August 15th to be
exact). So now’s the time to storm into your boss’ office and demand
approval for registration!
Already approved? Register now:

If you haven’t gotten approval to attend IDEA2009 yet, here’s a short list
of reasons why your boss is crazy for not sending you (print and tape to
forearm for help during conversation):

1) Return on Insights
With Fifteen of the worlds foremost thinkers in Strategy, event and
experience planning (and that’s just speakers/panelists), IDEA2009 averages
about $25 per expert. Where else can you get this kind of bargain?

2) Competitive Advantage
In a service economy, the more you know, the more advantage you have over
your competition. It’s that simple. Going to IDEA2009 means bringing the
leading edge of social and experience design back to the office. For your
co-workers, for your company’s brand equity, and every future conversation
with prospects.

3) Client Retention
We can assure you that the range of practical, inspiring insights on your
work can’t be found at any other conference. The perspectives you’ll bring
back to the office are incredibly important in this economy so your clients
won’t go looking for cheaper. You’ll be giving them deliverables they simply
wouldn’t be getting anywhere else.

Need more tips for convincing your boss? Check out the entire site for more:

Do you have any tips that worked to get you funded for IDEA2009? Please
reply to the thread and share them!

See you in Toronto!

Michael Leis
Marketing/Sponsorship lead for IDEA2009

And if you don't mind, please say thanks with a click to the companies
supporting IDEA2009:
Mad*Pow: an experience design agency leveraging human factors and visual
design to create research-inspired experiences. http://madpow.com
Critical Mass: http://criticalmass.com
Axure: http://axure.com
Usability Matters: http://usabilitymatters.com
Sapient: one of the largest and most innovative interactive marketing and
technology agencies in the world. Learn more at

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