Reminder: IxDA needs your input and feedback this week

11 Aug 2009 - 9:11pm
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IxDA Board of D...

On Friday the IxDA Board of Directors will be gathering in San Francisco for
our annual retreat through Sunday, and we will be meeting with the local
IxDA group on Saturday evening. We will be coming from Australia, Brazil,
and every time zone in the US. In preparation, we'd like to gather any
feedback, comments, questions, and ideas you may have for us. Your
thoughts could have great impact on our agenda. You may remain anonymous,
or you may share your name so we may follow up with you.

Share your thoughts:

Some topics of conversation already slated are:

1. How do we maintain and sustain IxDA as a volunteer-based,
no-membership-fee organization?
2. How do we best support local groups around the world?
3. How can we encourage more people to shift from being passive recipients
to more active participants, both with IxDA online, locally and at the
conference level?

IxDA is supported 100% by volunteers, at every level of the organization. As
such our efforts to tackle and complete all that we want to is naturally
inhibited by the amount of time and support the community can provide.
We have had quite a successful year, but we know there are a lot of areas in
need of improvement. We need to hear from you so we can prioritize where
our time and energy should be focused.

You should expect to hear thoughts coming out of the retreat during the
weekend, as well as the week following. If you're not already, follow @ixda
on Twitter.

Thank you in advance,

Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA

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