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13 Jan 2005 - 7:19am
11 years ago
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Per Sökjer


Ipod shuffle seems to me to be in line with Apples take on design and
product development.
They have, since the advent of OS X, put aside the "feature and
function" frenzy
that seems to still dominate the rest of the industry. I see it as a
sign of the coming
of a more mature approach to digital product development.
Another thing with Apple is their focus on the whole. They have the
means and they
have control of everything from central software applications to
hardware accessories.
This means they can focus on a system level design approach.
Apple looks, feels and talks Apple everywhere. It adds up and provides
something not
found in a list over function and features. It's gestalt. Dynamic
gestalt. :-)

Is there any other companies out there who provides or can provide this
in the same manner?



2005-01-13 kl. 11.09 skrev Stewart Dean:

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>> So? What do people think?
> Hi David,
> This is a quick respoince without reading others responces (dangerous
> but let's see how much commonality there is here).
> Ipod shuffle is good user experience design. Why do I think that. Well
> one of my aims as a user experience person and an information
> architect is to strive for what I call 'apparant simplicity'. Nine
> times out of ten people over complicate user interfaces. The taking
> away of things from a user interface, experience or site is what I
> find is one of the most effective aspects of my job, especially given
> a corporate site that has grown organically.
> So when I look at the ipod shuffle I have a smug smile. I know the
> techies and feature junkies are going to hate it. They are behind most
> consumer electronics and that's why most of them have, as apple
> described, a tourtured user interface! Creative, self proclaimed ipod
> rivals, are saying things like the ipod doesnt even have a FM radio.
> That's kinda why creative will loose.
> People want, need, use simple devices. If they need specialist
> functions (like I really need a high quality stereo recorder to plug
> into my iPod!) then they will buy them.
> Also - and this is important - apple wanted not to just create a
> smaller ipod but a device that fits a certain USE. They researched how
> people use the device! And they got it right - I use my ipod in
> shuffle mode but the large amount of songs on it make it a thanklass
> task at times. With a smaller device and a main music store on your
> PC/mac then it becomes a more joyful task.
> Mac have been slowly seducing me and I almost bought a powerbook. At
> the beginning of next month my hand built PC will be replaced by a mac
> miini.
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13 Jan 2005 - 10:05am
Alain D. M. G. ...

--- Per Sökjer <per at> a écrit :
> Is there any other companies out there who provides or can provide
> this
> in the same manner?

- National Cash register (NCR)
- Honeywell

Are the ones that first come to mind, but there are others.

Alain Vaillancourt

Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ?

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