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27 Jul 2009 - 3:38am
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Steve Baty

Meld has reached that point where I need help to get through the work that’s
building up. There’s work on social media strategy and planning to do; work
on communications strategy and design to do; work on the strategy, design &
implementation of a Website for a small not-for-profit; and some other bits
and pieces.

Rather than specify a bunch of skills, knowledge of & experience withs, let
me just say what I need you to be able to do:

- Be observant. Listen, watch, take notes. Ask questions. Communicate
what you’ve observed - visually, verbally and in writing;
- Be thoughtful. Discuss what you’ve seen and heard, and tie it to what
you’ve done before, read about, or experienced;
- Be creative. Based on your understanding of what you’ve observed,
discussed, and learned, explore possible solutions - through sketching and
prototyping - and communicate those ideas visually, verbally and in writing;
- Learn. Get better, each time. Ask questions; read; try things out; seek
clarification and advice. And at the end of each day, week, month and year,
be able to do something new, better than you could previously.
- Be honest. In your dealings with me, with our clients, and with

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