Behavioural drives and changes [Was: "The beginning of the end of the desktop"]

10 Jan 2005 - 9:46pm
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Lada Gorlenko

DH> 4. So again, what behaviors drive us towards what technological choices is a
DH> lot more interesting than going back and forth on what technologies there
DH> are out there or will be out there.
DH> -- dave

Sounds like a topic worth a heavy monograph :-) Dave, did you have
anything specific in mind by 'behaviours' (individual? social?
technology-inspired? work-demanded?) and 'us' (Jo Bloggs? designers?

Meanwhile, an inspiration by "Internet Evolution Report"
The quote belongs to Douglas Rushkoff, a professor at the NYU
Interactive Telecommunication Program:
"The biggest changes, as always with new media, will be
metaphorical. It's not that anything in particular we do on the
internet is so important - it's that behaviors we have online
can serve as models for behaviors that change in real life."

So, my quest is: name top three (any number, really) online-born
behaviours that led to most noticeable behavioural changes in real
life. Let's even make it more experience sharing: what are
your personal top three behavioural changes in real life
inspired by online behaviours?

[Eventually, the new behaviours we acquired will dictate our new
technological demands and choices].

Anyone to fire away while some of us take their daily power naps?


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