Mozilla Design Challenge: Summer 09 – “Best in Class” honors and “People’s Choice” award

20 Jul 2009 - 10:33pm
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IxDA Board of D...

Two months ago, IxDA partnered with Mozilla Labs and Johnny Holland to
sponsor this summer's design challenge, “*Reinventing Tabs in the Browser –
How can we create, navigate and manage multiple web sites within the same
browser instance?*“.

We were completely overwhelmed with the response, almost 130 entries. It was
amazing to see entries come in from all over the world, varying wildly in
approach, context and execution. Narrowing down this set into some
best-in-class selections did not come easily. Take a look:

You may very well recognize some names from our community:

Best in Class: Innovation

For the solution that has the newest / most original interaction models.

- TabViz <>by
Liz Blankenship, Jakob Hilden & Kerry Kao

Best in Class: Execution

For the solution that has the most expressive prototype, a combination of
polish as well as functional availability.

- Collapsible Tab
Martin Polley

Best in Class: Interaction

For the solution that feels provides the best human-computer interaction

- Wave Concept<>by
Darby Thomas, Danielle Kanastab & Alex Mattice

Best in Class: Producible

For the solution that would be the easiest to ship to users immediately.

- Favitabs <>by
Grady Kelly

People’s Choice Award

For the first time we invited the wider community to vote on their personal
favorite – the “People’s Choice” award for the Design Challenge: Summer 09
goes to

- CubeZilla <> by
Faber Ludens

Many thanks to our friends at Mozilla and Johnny Holland for partnering with
us on this. Most importantly, thanks to the participants for sharing their
concepts with all of us! I look forward to seeing some of these ideas come
to life.

Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA

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