False Dycotomy - was "The beginning of the end of thedesktop"

10 Jan 2005 - 9:55am
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

> Having to install a program appears to me to be an outdated
> concept - but one that is still with us. Installed
> applications offer better user experiences in many cases -
> but not in all cases. If these applications where on demand -
> then to my mind they would be much better. If I could call up
> my copy of photoshop regardless of location - that would be
> excellent. I would hardly call that a desktop application.

Again, "It Depends".
When all data is resident in the eether of the Internet, then I can agree to
a limited extent, but most of my interactions still require deep connections
and interfacing to the desktop. The day of the local hard drive is still
alive and well. I'm not saying it is permanent, but it is still here for the
next decade, I suggest.

But even then, until the technology around distributed GUIs are as fluid and
dynamic as those that are installed, then there possible is need for

I do not think this is black and white, but really dependent on so many
issues beyond technology, the designer, or even the user.

- dave


10 Jan 2005 - 1:03pm

David Heller:

> then there possible is need for installation.

Most dynamically-generated sites are in essence interactive applications.
Personally, during a typical day, I use easily two dozen such apps. (If I
actually sit down and think about this that number will probably go much
higher.) The notion that instead of using web apps, I'm going to download
and manage on my desktop dozens of separate applications during the course
of a year, is suspect. Just think about it. It's a relatively digestible
scenario to think of taking one such app and turning it into a desktop one,
it's something entirely different to replace your entire Internet/network
access pattern with dozens of disparate desktop apps. I just don't see it.

(With that, I have to go into hibernation mode for a few days to get over a
project deadline.)

Nullius in Verba

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