Exploring mobile gesture design at Nokia--In the wild

14 Jul 2009 - 8:54am
7 years ago
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Just saw this across the Twitter stream. It’s a video of Nokia design team doing gestural design research for a new device. While I’m not sure if it’s an ad or an attempt at a B2B viral video it’s still somewhat interesting nonetheless. As a super-proponent of design through user research it was great to get a glimpse at how Nokia (or at least a part of their team--possibly) goes about it. It’s a very guerrilla approach that I think can be very effective in some cases.

It would’ve been great to know more about their process before hitting the streets if/how they profiled users before approaching folks on the street or if that was even necessary. Either way great stuff which bodes very well for the work we’re all engaged in.

Take a look http://bit.ly/6Fg53

Comments welcomed. - Fritz


14 Jul 2009 - 10:02am
sal Cilella

Fritz, thanks for the link. Most of the video/motion work in the
mobile design process that I have seen is either a compilation of
ethno interviews (typically pretty dull viewing) or a highly polished
product demo/scenario. This piece does a good job of bridging
research and design.

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