Locast: location-based user and professional content platform for Venice, Italy. Can it provide smooth and convenient user experience to travellers?

13 Jul 2009 - 4:42pm
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Quoted from their site:
"Locast is an innovative platform for sharing and discovering
location-based user-generated videos and production quality
multimedia content provided by RAI TV. It consists of a combination
of mobile and wearable computing elements supported by a distributed
Web application. Content gathered from RAI TV’s historical archives
and user-generated media are linked to physical locations in Venice
in order to be accessible to all those visiting the space."

I have a few concerns:

- how traditional broadcast TV can take advantage of such
location-aware application and new media technology to keep afloat
and increase international exposure

- can such service improve the user experience of travelers?

- what's the role of mobile technology in this application?
open-source or proprietary? Open-API to encourage 3rd party
development and business opportunity?

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