[WORKSHOP] Mastering Difficult Conversations in Creative Environments • July 24 • Washington, DC

13 Jul 2009 - 9:58am
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Dan Brown

Hello! (please forgive cross-posting)
What's the hardest part of your job? Sometimes, the design work is the easy
part. But managing all the different personalities, setting client
expectations, and dealing with conflict all come with the territory, and
this can be the real challenge. To find out how you can make these
situations easier to deal with, come to EightShapes' "Difficult
Conversations" workshop.

"Mastering Difficult Conversations in Creative Environments" not only gives
participants techniques for dealing with the stickiest situations, but also
provides a framework for diagnosing and assessing these circumstances.
Brought to life through real-world anecdotes and lots of classroom
discussion, our "Difficult Conversations" workshop can help anyone *get
beyond the politics, and get back to designing*.

When: *July 24, 1pm*
Where: *The Mansion at Strathmore *(convenient to metro!)
How much: *$188* (registration through PayPal)

*Register here*:

Hope to see you there!
-- Dan


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