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10 Jul 2009 - 12:24am
7 years ago
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<discuss at>Hi Guys,

As a part of a startup we are launching a web portal in the domain of
student careers.
During our experience strategy there is an issue that seems to be nudging us

It is observed that logins and sign ups are majorly irritating for users as
it takes their time and needs them to fill up forms etc.
In our application we have some information content and some playful and
functional spaces.....Both are critical to the application as a whole.

As a part of our login strategy we wanted to think of possibilities of
keeping information before login or try some alternative login strategies...

With this context here are some confusions that we have:
1. what are the pros and cons for keeping the content/information with or
without login?
2. What factors can or may decide the need for display of information before
or after login?
3. How can it improve the experience as a whole, since generally logins are
not something people enjoy?
4. Are there any other alternatives to logins that people have tried?

I would like to request to the community to help me with your experience or
some refrences where a study/experiment of such a kind is done.
Engineering solutions could be keep a website before login and have all
other stuff after it....
But is this the only approach?

Thanks in advance,
Amit Patil


10 Jul 2009 - 1:20am

HI Friends ..
If anybody has ecopies if this book ..please let me know..
As i stay in Hyderabad(india)..coundt find this in store..

User and Task Analysis for Interface Design (Joann Hackos and Janice Redish)

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