Chinese/English UI Design Magazine Launches

7 Jan 2005 - 10:43am
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Christina Li

[Apologise for the cross-posting]

Dear All,

uiGarden has launched as a bilingual on-line magazine that provides an
opportunity for researchers and practitioners who work in the user interface
design (including user experience, information architecture, GUI, and
usability) field in the Chinese and the English speaking worlds to publish
their thinking and exchange views with each other.

In our first issue, we bring out articles in English and Chinese by six top
scholars: including Don Norman, Alan Dix, Scott Jeson and Nico MacDonald
from the west; Lin Qin (the president of the newest founded UPA China
branch) and ISAR UI design Ltd. (the first UI design company in China) from
China, showing their views and practices of the interface design industry.

Two forums have also gone live: one in English and one in Chinese.

Please have a visit if you are interested. Any comments, suggestions,
advices very welcome!

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Kind regards


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