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25 Jun 2009 - 8:20pm
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Martha Livingston

Bring your graphic design, information visualization, interaction
design, and software development skills to an award-winning team with an
innovative product that combats financial fraud.

Memento Security is a venture-backed software company with a
collaborative work culture and substantial growth opportunities. We are
looking to hire a visual thinker with software development skills to
join our product development team in a newly created role: Interaction

Why Visual Thinking in Software Development?
For most enterprise software companies, graphic design is usually an
afterthought in the software development process. Most software
companies only understand the role of graphic design and information
visualization to mean things like "icon design", or "better production
values". It is no wonder that most enterprise software products do
nothing more than meet a basic standard of design and interaction
Here at Memento, we know that the images strengthen the message: that
great design is a central element of the product development process. We
seek to build software products that bring joy to our users every single
day. In the Interaction Designer role, you will be responsible for the
visual, interactive, and experiential elements of our products.

Why Software Development in Graphic Design?
There is no better way to make sure your ideas are implemented than to
play a role in implementing them yourself. Frank Lloyd Wright designed
great homes, but many of them leaked! By participating in the
realization of your design and interaction ideas, you will make sure
that they work as intended, are bug-free, and actually bring promised
joy to real-world users.

Our Vision for the Interaction Designer position
We feel this is an exciting, hands-on, important position where you will
work closely with our product development team on exciting design
problems, interaction issues, and new business opportunities using
state-of-the art technologies. Approximately 40% of your time will be
spent on Interaction Design (user interface), 40% on Graphic Design
(color, layout, typography) and 20% on Programming. The position allows
for significant growth, career mentoring, and an opportunity to make a
lasting contribution to the company's products and growth.

Essential Responsibilities

* Design, prototype, develop ideas to display and interact with
bank transaction data (fraud and non-fraud)
* Design, prototype, develop ideas for software applications used
to manage fraud (user interface screens, web parts)
* Implement ideas in modern software languages and environments
such as C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, and Flex
* Document designs and ideas to support collaborative development,
maintenance, and QA
* Write automated unit tests for your solutions and work with QA
to ensure quality

Essential Skills

* BFA or MA in Graphic Design, with significant demonstrated
course work in "experience design", Computer Science and Programming
* Excellent graphic design skills with an ability to design
application user interfaces.
* Ability to combine user needs, usability best practices, design
best practices and formulate user interfaces that are clean, clear and
highly user friendly.
* Ability to translate complex data sets into "glanceable"
graphical visualizations that support investigative analysis.
* Familiarity with various GUI implementation environments, e.g.
Flex, Flash, JavaScript.
* 1+ year developing web applications, e.g. developing a web site
for social group or school.
* Proven software development expertise with 1+ year experience
with object-oriented languages such as Java or C#.
* Ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative engineering
* Strong ability to understand and express complex topics.

Why join Memento?

Memento Inc. (www.mementosecurity.com) is a pioneer in proactive risk,
fraud, and compliance management solutions. Memento Security, the
company's award-winning product, is used by some of the world's largest
and most influential financial institutions to monitor, detect, and
investigate fraud and inappropriate activities across the enterprise.
Memento's patent-pending technology is driving fundamental improvements
in the global fight to reduce fraud and improve compliance. Memento is
based in Concord, Massachusetts and was recognized as one of the Boston
area's "Best Places to Work" by the Boston Business Journal, 2008.

Memento offers a competitive base salary, excellent benefits, job growth
and challenges, and a casual working environment.

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