RE: You decide - RSS

6 Jan 2005 - 3:12pm
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Jonathan Grubb

>RSS can't really be compared to the web. They're different beasts.
>RSS works on active subscription > passive consumption. That's great
>when you know in general what you want, and you trust a source. It's no
>good for browsing.

I respectfully disagree.

When one technology begins to replace another we have to compare them.
In the article publishing arena RSS has some advantages over web browsing, specifically the ability to pull content together from many sources. The content is freed from the slavery of HTML.

Both Google and another! company! I! can! think! of! have embraced RSS as a way of consolidating and redistributing news stories via the web browser. The web and RSS are different technologies, but from the user perspective they serve similar functions.

This has some interesting and exciting political and social implications.
Try going to Google News and reading headlines related to the US Attorney General confirmation hearings. Lets play Spot The Bias:
1/ Gonzales Vows to Follow Treaties as Attorney General
2/ Gonzales Disavows Torture Tactics
3/ White House refuses to provide documents on prisoner interrogations

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