Why people are giving a little back to IxDA

21 Jun 2009 - 10:06pm
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Janna DeVylder

We're about ten hours into our 96-hour support drive. We've raised $2839.00
and had 150 people contribute so far -- Thank you! We're close to 10% of
our goal.


I'd like to share with you what some people are saying when they contribute,
as these sentiments should serve as fuel for all of you who devote so much
of your time and energy to your IxDA community.

>Thank you so much for all your hard work - the IxDA has been so instrumental
in my career and educational development... I just wish I could donate more!

> It's unusual for me NOT to learn something new each time I come to this
> board. Thanks for providing this service!

>Happy to chip in to support IXDA -it is an amazing resource for anyone
interested in interaction design

>Being in the IxDA and going to the conferences has been invaluable to me.
I'm happy to give back!

And one of my favorites (and par for this community)

>This should add up quickly... there are plenty of us. As an IxDA person I'd
love to see a graph of contributions over time. ;-)

You have until Monday, 5pm GMT to be eligible for the first complimentary
Interaction'10 registration! Spread the word!

Twitter: http://bit.ly/16kJBc


Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA


22 Jun 2009 - 5:54am
Dave Malouf

This thread might be the right spot for people to add their message of
Why directly here.

I'll start:
In this day of converged roles within our daily practice, it is more
important than ever to have an organization that highlights the
specifics of discipline.

Interaction Design in particular can seem to get lost in our daily
practices that seem to focus more on the outputs and form than on
what frames them and gives them life. Interaction Design is the
nervous system connected to the skeletal-muscular of the body of UX.
We bring cognition and movement to the products and systems we design
and we also bring a whole new layer of beauty.

It is more important than ever that we have an organization that
focuses on IxD, and this organization has created a rare vision for
how to use today's technologies to bring about a true community of
practice that combines the virtual and the real, the real-time and
the analog, the practical and the fun, local and the global and many

Please do give and show your support for this amazing design

-- dave

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