mobile development applications

12 Jun 2009 - 2:48pm
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Michel Milano

Does anyone have any experience using, or being involved in a project
that uses, any of the latest-generation mobile development

I am referring to tools such as

* AMP Studio
* Dexterra Studio
* Pyxix AppStudio
* Syclo Agentry system

Or maybe you have used another I haven't listed?

Characteristics of these are
* Rapid development using 4th generation environments
* Visually modelling of the business process and the application
* Cross-platform for Blackberry, Iphone, Symbian, etc.
* Managment of deployment

They share some qualities with tools like Dashcode, OpenKapow, Pipes,
IBM Mashup Center, etc. However, the focus is on creating enterprise
mobile applications.

I am finding that information about any of these tools is unusually
difficult to come by. They all have adopted a model that eschews
trial downloads, amongst other barriers.

Feel free to reply to me directly and I can summarize later if


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