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11 Jun 2009 - 7:23pm
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Ryan Lum

6 Month Project in Federal Way, WA

Local Candidates preferred

-staffing for web projects, how to gather input / feedback on a public facing web page, and the design process for web pages, the Mgr would expect a web dev PM to bring in Information Architects, User Researchers and Visual Designers, for example, during those phases or to handle those tasks.

Notes from Hiring Manager

"Apologies for my limited bandwidth - while I try to catch up, here's an answer to the question: what do I expect the successful candidate to do?
The short answer: manage multiple projects, some simultaneously.

The three current examples I would expect an appropriately senior PM to manage concurrently include:
1) Migrating 53 pages of internal fail-over eCommerce product from old look & feel into new redesign
2) Managing the RF(x), selection and implementation of a replacement ESP (email service provider)
3) Gathering the items scoped out of recent redesign and organizing them into scheduled release packages

Other candidate projects will be efforts such as
- Moving localized apps into a production environment
- Selection and implementation of an outsource / third-party production partner for both emailprod and webprod work
- Migrate away from current full site failover ASP to geographically load-balanced company-owned site
- Formalizing QA within our team's processes
...etc.., etc., etc. "

Web Development Team Project Manager

Here's what the team does:
- They manage the production, maintenance and operations of the public facing website (sustainment engineering) managed via a project ticketing system by taking the assets (graphic, copy, creative, etc.) provided by the marketers (or their agents), optimizing them for the web, and publishing

- They execute larger projects outside the ticketing system, such as re-skinning our eCommerce systems for new look & feel; re-platforming an Email Service Provider; conducting version and dot-release planning for website enhancements; etc.

- They send outbound mass marketing emails and report on the performance
- They support and interact with other departments as needed on issues related to eCommerce and website operations

Here's what They do not do:
- Server farms, networks or infrastructure
- Marketing campaign strategy or merchandising
- Creative design

They use the following platforms / technologies:
- Lotus Notes (CMS, application serving platform)
- Oracle's eBusiness Suite
- Java / JS
- Epsilon (ESP)
- Apache
(plus of course a host of other technologies, these are the primary platforms)

The Sr. PM I need will:
- Have direct B2C eCommerce experience, including eCommerce, CMSs, Web Analytics, etc.
- Be able to manage (ie: hands-on lead) multiple, concurrent projects
- Have worked directly in a staffing model with matrix managed teams across departments (they will not have a dedicated team of developers)

- Have deep understanding of web and internet related methodologies, delivery, architecture, analytics, performance and resource models

- Have led eCommerce and related custom development or Commercial Off The Shelf system implementations from conception and visual design through analysis, build, QA, deployment and into a sustainment state

- Understand nTier architectures; the difference between UI/UX/design, interaction modeling, logic & database layers
- Have a strong understanding of what templates / artifacts best support the necessary amount of process and be able to scale as needed

- Understand the technology stack of web applications (but will not be coding)
- Be able to articulate the resources necessary to build a team to manage various projects (see above) as needed, and be able to manage the artifacts, life cycles, methodologies, 3rd party vendors, etc.

- Have hands-on, direct experience building, leading and managing a web development team
- Will have web design, build, operational and/or maintenance experience

Bonus points for experience with:
- Lotus Notes (as a CMS)
- Oracle's eBusiness Suite (specifically iStore)
- Stellent (CMS)
- Moving development offshore and managing for a season


This position will manage the execution of project-oriented work efforts, ensuring that project objectives and client expectations for time and cost are met. Projects will start from the ideation/brainstorming/concept stage and require the ability to apply boundaries around scope, prioritize,
organize, and create executable project plans from unstructured, disorganized, or organic state. Responsible for leading
cross-organizational projects in which the primary goal is either to enhance existing processes/systems/technologies or to develop new
processes/systems/technologies. Will require direct hands-on analysis and documentation efforts. Typically, project budget is less than $1 million, team has 10 or fewer members, and duration is less than one year.

Strong leadership. Excellent communications. Familiarity and direct experience with multiple project management methodologies, with the ability to apply a variety of project management disciplines (as appropriate) to business initiatives, moving from concept stage through structured delivery to launch. Ability to define scope, determine resources needed, provide guidance to matrix-managed team members, and drive projects through to completion. Highly organized, excellent communications skills (both written & oral), and demonstrated ability to manage multiple concurrent projects, each with 2-6 team members and durations typically ranging between 4 to 12 months are required attributes.

Work directly with senior management to identify and prioritize opportunities and risks associated with projects. Report project status and results to senior leadership. Facilitate hiring of consultants and contractors responsible for performing project activities. May manage multiple projects simultaneously. Work collaboratively with team members when assigned to work as part of a team. Perform other duties as assigned.

Roll up your sleeves aproach

PMP, PMBOK, Iterative great plusses

Ryan Lum
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