UX Brighton film night this tuesday

5 Jun 2009 - 3:01am
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Harry Brignull

* sorry for the cross posting *

If any of you IXDAers fancy coming to a film night on tuesday (9th June) in
Brighton (UK), you are most welcome.

We've dug up an old copy of "The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces" - it's
a documentary by William H Whyte, a US researcher who carried out some
really interesting observational studies in the early '70s, looking into why
certain city plazas and squares are popular spots, and why others aren't.
Aside from the immediate link to urban planning, there are broader
implications that can be drawn regarding architecture in the digital world
and the facilitation of social interaction. (More info here:
http://uxbrighton.org.uk/ )

It's going to be small, friendly and informal. Come along and we can discuss
the finer points over a pint.

When: 6.45pm, this tuesday (9th June)
Where: The eagle, Brighton (http://is.gd/NzKv)
Price: Free, but please book your seat: http://is.gd/NzNp

Harry Brignull
User Experience Consultant

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