IxDA Fundraising Initiative

29 May 2009 - 12:02am
7 years ago
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Janna DeVylder

Have you wanted to participate in something for IxDA, but haven't felt like
you could devote a lot of time?

This might be an interesting initiative for you.

We are planning to hold a fundraiser by the end of June to support the
revamp of the ixda.org infrastructure. Our growth has been amazing over the
past few years, and our current infrastructure is barely able to support our
existing membership. IxDA has chosen Drupal as the technology framework for
our next-generation infrastructure. The Drupal framework will allow the IxDA
community to grow and thrive with improved digital communications
capabilities, local group mini-sites, and easier sharing of content and
display of members' personality. However, we cannot build the new website
ourselves and deliver it in a reasonable timeframe.

One aspect of IxDA that the community appreciates the most is the fact that
there is no barrier to entry with IxDA. IxDA is an entirely
volunteer-supported organization that requires no dues from its members. As
an organization operating without any membership income, we rely on
fundraising efforts (which we haven't held since 2007) as well as
revenue-generating events like our annual Interaction conference to support
initiatives that require money to succeed. We feel this is a worthy cause
to request support for.

We need a core group to help plan and support this. If you have experience
with fundraising, or have any interesting ideas for how to approach it, let
me know off line and we can get started!


Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA


29 May 2009 - 10:22am

Please add me to your list of volunteers, I can help if it is not too far from PA or NYC,


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