[EVENT] The Drawing Room, a new Bay Area event for designers, June 6

23 May 2009 - 7:46pm
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Hi all,

You are invited to join us on the afternoon of June 6 for the first
Drawing Room event at Hot Studio in San Francisco!

For those not familiar, The Drawing Room is a new monthly meetup for
Bay Area designers to share ideas, learn, and get things done in an
informal, community-oriented atmosphere. Check out our wiki to learn
more and get involved: http://drawingroom.pbworks.com/

Attendees are encouraged to give talks, hosts workshops, present their
portfolios and contribute anything beyond and between! The suggested
session length is 15 minutes max, with another 15 for Q&A. No need to
prepare a introductory, slide-heavy presentation. The Drawing Room
is your space to share the ideas and techniques you know best and gain
valuable feedback from your peers.

If interested, please add your name and session title to the June
sign-ups list on the wiki. Those who'd like to participate only by
providing feedback on sessions can add their name as a Critic:

We'll be hosting our second open meeting next week to discuss sessions
and get more feedback from the design and design-fan community, so
please join the Google group to receive those emails, as well.

Feel free to edit and comment on the wiki, or drop a line to
heather.rasley+drawingroom at gmail.com<heather.rasley%2Bdrawingroom at gmail.com>with
any thoughts or questions!

All best,

The Drawing Room crew

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