Automotive design standards/guidelines

4 Jan 2005 - 5:25pm
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There are strict guidelines created by governments and safety
organizations that automobile designs and all types of designers in
this field must abide by. While not necessarily "usability" in the
sense we know, these are ergonomics, safety, driver distraction, etc.
Oh, and they can vary from country to country.


US Safety Standards
1 Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM):
2 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
3 SAE J287: Hand Control Reach

US Federal Safety Standards
4 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
5 FMVSS 101 Location and Identification of Controls and Displays
6 FMVSS 201 Occupant Protection in Interior Impact
7 FMVSS 202 Head Restraints
8 FMVSS 302 Flammability of Interior Material

Canadian Safety Standards
9 Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
10 CMVSS 101 Location and Identification of Controls and Displays

European Union Safety Standards
11 European Economic Community (EEC)
12 EEC 78/316/EEC Interior fittings of motor vehicles (identification
of controls, tell-tales, and indicators)
13 EEC 74/60/ECC Interior fittings of motor vehicles (interior parts
of the passenger compartment other than the interior rear-view
mirrors, layout of controls, the roof or sliding roof, the backrest
and rear part of seats)
14 EEC 78/632 Adaptation of Directive
15 EEC 74/483/EEC External projections of motor vehicles (antennas)
16 Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
17 ECE R26 External Projections: Antennas
18 ECE R21.01 Interior Fittings

Japanese Safety Standards
19 Article 10 Control Systems
20 Article 13 Controls and Displays
21 Article TBD Interior Occupant Protection

Australian Safety Standards
22 Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS)
23 ADR 21 Instrument Panel
24 ADR 22 Head Restraints

New Zealand Safety Standards
25 Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA)

Hi All,

Pardon my ignorance, but please provide me with this information.

       Do automobile designers have any set of usability principles.
       Do they have someone like Jakob Nielson.
       Do they have any set of design guidelines to follow.

PS: These questions came out of curiosity than any other reason.

Suresh JV.

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