Need of persona for small set of user group

20 May 2009 - 10:30pm
7 years ago
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Hi everyone,

Persona represents a user group, helps to understand who the users
are, their behavior, etc.
No my question here is if I’ve a large set of audience or target user
group then making a persona make sense to me,
But what if I’ve very limited users say 8-10 and I’ve access to users
all the time, do I need to create Persona for them?
Is it really necessary to create Persona for small set of target user

Please share your thought.



20 May 2009 - 11:58pm
Elizabeth Bacon

Hi Kishor,

You may well be in one of the rare situations where personas would
not add especial value. They might instead add overhead to a
collaborative, user-centered process where you can frequently
interact with your actual users.

Slide 59 of the presentation I authored with Steve Calde, "Death to
Personas! Long Live Personas!" even cites this particular situation
as a time when it might not make sense to author personas. See: for the slideshow.

One consideration to ponder is whether there are other people in your
organization who do not have such easy access to your users. Perhaps
they would benefit from a better understanding of your target user as
afforded by personas.


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21 May 2009 - 12:45am

I agree with Liz. I must add though that you can still create personas if these 8-10 users are going to play different roles in your application.
I am going with the assumption that you are using them for a web application that may have users playing different roles. Like super user, admin etc. Then personas are still applicable.

On another note, I do know of some interaction designers who are persona freaks and they create personas just for sake of having them. Example: Web designer with only a mac or manager with a windows pc. I'm usually not a fan of making personas just for the sake of having them.

Just my 2 cents!


21 May 2009 - 8:26am
Dana Chisnell

You have living personas! Spend your time with them rather than
developing write-ups representing them.

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