Great Examples: IxD and WebDev Portfolios?

5 May 2009 - 5:27pm
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Hey Folks:

Still on my quest to improve my own portfolio, design a site for a
friend who's a webdev, and one for a friend who's a photographer (3
'similar' sites, radically different content & audiences), I'd love
feedback on the following:

What do you think are great examples of an individual's (not an
agency's) portfolio site?

• A WebDev's portfolio site
- specific question: how to represent coding skills, if all the code
is 'gone,' the site defunct?

• An Interaction Designer's portfolio site
- how to present past work that demonstrates a savvy with interactive
problem solving
- how to present past work that demonstrates an understanding of
usability concerns
- IxD portfolio sites that in their presentation of past work make
you say, "Wow, this person rocks and I have to talk to them"
- IxD portfolio sites that show just enough, and not too much

Photography portfolio site- piece of cake. The above two- oy boyee,
not so.

Would love thoughts/contributions! I also know of a coupla others who
are fishing for the same info... and I'll set-up a list on my blog,
after I get a nice roll of responses- so please pipe-up!



6 May 2009 - 4:03am

in terms of displaying interaction design work, i find it useful to
use video and show people actually interacting with the work itself.
you can break it down and explain the thinking and process, but
seeing it in use gives a real impact.


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