[event] A Journey from Ethnography to Design

28 Apr 2009 - 4:44am
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Danny Hope

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Where: Brighton, UK
When: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 6:45pm

Info and booking: http://uxbrighton.org.uk/from-ethnography-to-design

If you are interested in using ethnography to improve design, this
event is definitely for you.

Simon Johnson & Miles Rochford will provide two perspectives on
ethnography, from client and agency points of view.


1. Simon Johnson: Bridging the Ethnography/Design Gap

Simon is a user experience consultant working with Flow Interactive.
He has worked for clients such as Reuters, Nokia and the Environment

Simon has recently completed an research project for the Environment
Agency that has involved a mix of ethnography, user testing with
Silverback, depth interviews, war rooms, and design. Normally such
projects have tight NDAs, which stop the wider UX community from
learning about them. However, in this special case, the environment
agency has given the all clear, making this a great opportunity to
learn about a project that would normally be kept behind closed doors.

Some of the talk’s highlights:

* Learn how street research can be translated into a final design
– that is so challenging it changes the mind of the Secretary of State
for Environment.
* Get the ‘heads up’ on a national project that will affect 2.1
million houses on the coast, yes that includes Brighton.
* Hear how Silverback software fared in dated 1970 seedy hotels.
* Learn how to be jabbed in the chest by irate ‘users’ from
Norfolk and take it like a man.
* Marvel how simple ethnographic research can put the government
machine onto a different track.

2. Miles Rochford: [subject TBA]

Miles is a Design Specialist at Nokia Design, based in London, England.

He has been an information architect and user experience specialist
for more than six years, working on a range of projects for
government, non-profit, corporate and startup clients based in the
United States, Europe and Australia.

He has experience in a range of different areas, including interaction
design, spatial data, health informatics, social networking, media
sharing, mobile devices, and service delivery.

[talk description to follow. Updates via http://twitter.com/uxbri .]

After the talks, we’ll continue the conversation over a drink at The
Greenhouse Effect.

Danny Hope
User Experience Consultant, Brighton (UK)
07595 226 792

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