JOB User Interface Designer Alviso, CA, TiVo, 6mo contract

18 Apr 2009 - 9:44am
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[disclaimer: I've worked for TiVo as a security/privacy engineer for ~8
years, am currently on leave to finish my MS Design. I can answer
questions about the general work environment, but don't know details
about this particular opening other than what is in the listing. --jet]

User Interface Designer
San Jose, CA, United States

DURATION: six-month contract

The User Experience department (UI Design, Visual Design & Prototyping,
Research, Writing, and Field Trials) works closely with Customer
Support, Product Management, and Engineering teams to gather information
on our products. We have a collaborative, team-oriented,
consensus-building approach to design, and we believe in taking input
and feedback from a wide variety of sources.

We are looking for an energetic, multi-talented, and motivated
individual to join the team as a UI Designer for our DVR and related

It is critical for candidates to work well with other teams and to have
a strong leadership presence. Candidates must be able to understand the
balance of user experience, business case, and time-to-market, and make
tradeoffs where appropriate.

Here is what you get to do:

* Create and iterate UI designs of DVR applications, producing
detailed written specifications for Engineering
* Work with Visual Designers, Web Developers, and Prototypers to
create mockups and functional prototypes of your designs
* Partner with User Research to test and refine your designs
* Plan with Product Management to define feature/product requirements
* Work with Engineering to understand architecture and development
issues and make appropriate design tradeoffs
* Team up with Customer Support to understand issues subscribers
have with the current UI

This is what you'll need to be successful:

* At least 5-7 years user-interface design experience in a consumer
application software development environment
* Excellent design skills and a proven track record of designing
consumer-targeted applications and writing detailed UI/functional
* “Big picture” design ideas
* Extreme detail orientation and an obsession for consistency
* Clear, organized writing, communication, and presentation skills
* Logical, analytical thinking
* Reasonable understanding of underlying technical issues
* An affinity for entertainment in multiple media
* Mobile or embedded-system application design experience preferred
* Familiarity with Flash-based design and prototyping preferred

J. Eric "jet" Townsend, CMU Master of Tangible Interaction Design '09

design:; hacking:; HF: KG6ZVQ
PGP: 0xD0D8C2E8 AC9B 0A23 C61A 1B4A 27C5 F799 A681 3C11 D0D8 C2E8

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