Site User Assistance: Aspirin Versus Vitamins

14 Apr 2009 - 3:56pm
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Web site user assistance that consistently exceeds customer’s
expectations can catapult your company to legendary status and create
brand equity you can measure in billions of dollars. However, making
Help a strategic asset for your company is an arduous task. To shed
light on this important topic, I have teamed up with Tricia Clement,
a renowned cognitive psychologist and Web site user assistance
expert. In this month’s Search Matters column, we’ll deliver
actionable insights about Web site user assistance:

In our article we classified Help content using the following three

1) immediacy—Aspirin Help versus Vitamin Help
2) depth of knowledge—how versus the why of how
3) touch—static content versus a phone call

For all of SUA experts out there: what do you think? Is there a Help
classification/interaction design framework that you found useful in
your work? How important is it to understand and use the power of
emotions to create a compelling, positive SUA experience?

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