Interactive design business prospects?

13 Apr 2009 - 5:54am
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Hi all!

I am new to this conference, so I can write something, that you are
not interested. In that case simply say me, that it is not a proper
theme for this conference.

So, going for a theme of this discussion. I am from Ukraine and own
my graphics design company, called "JAR Studio"
(, but sorry - only in russian), we are
specialized on Flash interactive graphics and informational design.

And i want to say you, that here, in Ukraine, Interactive Design
can't be viewed as separate business.This is connected with current
economic and politic situation. And it is very sad for me, because I
like interactive and informational design and I see future in it.

But in this conference I see people, all over the world! So if you
can - say me:
- is the interactive design business in your country?
- who is your clients?
- what are their needs?

I think, that such conversation can help not only me, but all of us!
Personally I is very interesting in all forms of conversation and

Regards, Sergey Kravtsov
Studio Jar

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