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7 Apr 2009 - 11:20am
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Yu Zhang

Hi all. Thank you for participating my project! Due to the limitation
of the, I have to start a new account for more
participants now, and here is the new link: . I do appreciate your help in my
project. Thanks so much!!! (Thank you Prathibha !!)

For people who didn't have my former email, I will post my content
again here.

Hi everyone, I am Yu Zhang, a MS candidate of information
architecture in IIT. Now I am doing my Master's project which has an
experiment of card sorting, so I want to invite you to be my
participants. Now I am going to give you an introduction about this

1. Now we are just in the initial stage of designing a website which
is for COM525 Usability Testing and Research, in order to make it as
easy to use as possible, I would like to get some input from the
people who will be using it. I am going to ask you to use an online
card sorting website to perform a very simple exercise that will give
me great insight into how I can make this website easier to use.

2. Here is the link: When you open it
in your browser, there will be an auto window showing up which is the
instructions about how to use this website. Please read it carefully,
and if you want to check it again during the exercise, you can click
the "instructions" on the top navigation of the page. After
reading, click the top right "close" button and it will ask you to
give your email address, then you will enter the formal exercise.

3. It is an Open Card Sorting experiment, so when you complete a
column, please give it a name that make sense for you. Furthermore,
main columns are no more than 9, because it will be the primary links
in the website. If you think there should be some secondary links,
just name it with the name which shows in the main column and write
me a comment.

4. Although this website is great for card sorting, there is one more
thing you should notice: When you put cards inside of each column,
every card goes on top automatically and you may not change the
order. It is alright and don't be bothered by this.

5. This test will last 20- 30 minutes and after it, I will send you a
survey for some background information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me with
yuzhang131 at

Thank you very much for participating my project,


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