IA/UX class in DC - starts April 14

6 Apr 2009 - 8:48am
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lorelei brown

Hey everyone - this is a great class for new and experienced UX professionals. It's been around for years, and the instructor is highly recommended.
Contact thom at thomhaller.com for any questions or details.
Thom Haller's Information Architecture Course
The 10-week class at the USDAGraduateSchoolstarts on Tuesday, April 21.
It's an in-depth introduction to IA and the user experience that's tailored to the specific needs and interests of the class. The class offers lots of guest speakers and a hands-on class project that will help a worthy organization to improve its Web presence. The class also is a great opportunity for networking, loads of fun, and a huge bargain.
But is it just fun fun fun? Heck, no. Here's a testimonial from a former student, Victoria Perry: “Since I have taken the course, I have continued to apply the information architecture and usability analysis skills I learned on a variety of projects.  Aside from the personal benefit, I believe that the knowledge and practical experience gained in this class are also recognized by others (work colleagues, potential employers, etc.).  While many busy, working professionals might be reticent to commit to more than a one-day seminar, this multi-week course was definitely worth the investment!”
For more information or to register, see http://www.grad.usda.gov/course_details_includes/cd_print.php?cid=COMP3308E (NOTE -- although the online description says the class starts on April 14, it really begins a week later.)

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