[Event] Chicago IxDA - Encouraging sustainability through online community - April 15th

3 Apr 2009 - 1:59pm
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On Wednesday, April 15th, we'll have our next Chicago IxDA meeting a review
of Manifest Digital's entry in the PhizzPop design challenge held at SXSW:
to design a digital experience that encourages a community to adopt a
sustainable lifestyle. We'll also be discussing the process in generating
the solution, and facilitating a discussion around engaging
community-focused sustainability.

What's PhizzPop?
It's a multi-company, multi-city design challenge hosted by Microsoft. Teams
in 5 cities compete, with the winners from each city meeting in Austin for a
final challenge at SXSW. Manifest Digital won the Chicago challenge last
November, and competed in this final challenge in March, winning the
People's Choice award for its solution.

In response to the challenge, Manifest concepted a solution for the city of
Austin called “Carbon Nation.” At its core, this solution is designed to
integrate into a municipal structure at many levels: governmental,
community, activist, and individual citizen. The team has built a core
component that allows various audiences to manage and view their performance
in improving the environment at www.CarbonNation.me. From this central
point, a citizen can begin observing and improving their performance in the
community and can participate in and celebrate the community’s improvement
as a reduced energy and improved environmental consciousness takes hold. The
team focused on tools that improve utility usage in the home, reduce travel
and commuting, expose implications of shopping decisions, layout home
improvements with the likes of solar panels, and reveal community
performance, a holistic picture is built for the average citizen. Integrated
marketing components and environmental advertising throughout the community
further build involvement and momentum. Solar powered digital billboards,
eco friendly paint on the curbs of successful neighborhood streets, and
in-store displays create a sense of community and personal impact.

Please be sure to *RSVP by Monday, April 13th* at the link below if you'd
like to come, as we need to give names to security two days beforehand.


Wednesday, April 15th from 6:30-8pm
Manifest Digital - *New office*
600 W. Chicago Ave., Ste 290
Chicago, IL 60654

Manifest will provide refreshments.
See you there!

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