Names are Important (was Wood gatherers...)

31 Mar 2009 - 10:07am
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Good grief! I mean, really?!?

We are not cave people. We don't (only ;) ) communicate with grunts and
chest beating. We have words. Words are one of the most valuable things we
have as humans. They have real meaning. They build up language, which is
at the heart of everything else we build and often at the heart of our
relationships and just generally how we relate to that which is outside

Discussing naming is inextricably intertwined with discussing the underlying
concepts, which are the important bits and what people get worked up over.
Titles are names. If you are at all a reflective person, you care about
what people call you, especially when it has to do with what you invest so
much of your waking hours doing. It's natural, and it is good. (And that's
ignoring the pecuniary aspect, which is important and necessary, too.)

Frankly, I find these kinds of discussions some of the most interesting on
this list. Tiring? Yeah, sometimes, especially when one or two voices seem
to drown out others or when they devolve into the internecine organizational
historical conflicts.

But really, words--names--titles are important. We are humans, after all.


P.S. Personally, if I could filter out something on this list, it'd be the
job and event postings. But hey, Gmail works nicely to help me scan for
what I'm interested in and quickly skip over that which I am not.


31 Mar 2009 - 10:56am

Humans? Maybe you. Not me.

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