PANEL: Beyond the Desktop; 8 April, San Francisco

26 Mar 2009 - 4:01pm
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Peter Merholz

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Beyond the Desktop: A Panel Discussion on Emergent Interaction Paradigms

Wednesday April 8, 2009 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Adaptive Path
363 Brannan Street

There have been clear and consistent signals over the last year that
indicate the technology landscape is rapidly evolving beyond the
boundaries of the PC …

The demo from MIT’s Pattie Maes’ and Pranav Mistry’s wearable Sixth
Sense device as well as David Merrill’s Siftables demo were the buzz
of TED 2009. These presenters gave the audience of thought leaders
insight into the exciting interactions that will be possible in the
not-so-distant future.

IBM’s research scientists in India have developed a technology that
will offer users the ability to talk to the Web and create ‘voice’
sites using mobile phones.

Barcodes can now hold entire video clips and games with Mobile Multi-
Colour Composite, a 2D barcode technology. Better than a QR code,
users don’t need internet access to discover associated media—the data
is all in the picture.

These signals as well as a host of others indicate we’ve arrived at an
important and magical technological inflection point. We’re entering
an era – a Golden Age of sorts - that is encouraging interaction
designers and user experience professionals to explore the frontier
that lies beyond the desktop.

Within this broader trend, Adaptive Path is hosting a discussion on
Wednesday, April 8th titled, Beyond the Desktop: A Panel Discussion on
Emergent Interaction Paradigms. It's sure to be a thought-provoking
discussion between these brave design leaders who are actively
exploring this exciting frontier from distinct vantage points:

Aza Raskin, head of User Experience at Mozilla Labs will discuss the
progress of Ubiquity and represent the promising world of intent-based

Brent Fitzgerald, and Jeevan Kalanithi of Taco Lab will share their
experiences developing Siftables and exploring the realm of physical

Noah Richardson, manager of Tellme’s Mobile User Experience group,
will share his expertise on designing voice-driven systems and

Nathan Moody and Daren David of Stimulant will share their perspective
on designing NUI and multi-touch interfaces for the Microsoft Surface
Table and other public, multi-user computing installations.

Jennifer Bove, a Principal at Kicker Studio, will share her
perspective and expertise in designing products with gestural

This panel will be moderated by Rachel Hinman, an Experience Design
Director at Adaptive Path and the creative force behind the 90 Mobiles
in 90 Days project.

This event is open to the public!

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