Design Samples for Client Workshop

22 Mar 2009 - 1:08pm
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Liam Greig


This is going to come off rather broad but I am throwing it out there
anyways. I am going into a client workshop series this coming week and
I have prepared a list of core areas for improvement based on both
their current product as well as research documentation provided by
the client. Without too many details, I am presenting the 5 keys to
success as:

1. Search and Retrieval (2000+ products)
2. Layout and Navigation (IA)
3. Ecommerce (|From a design perspective)
4. Content Delivery (Making it related / relevant etc.)
5. Trust and Communication (Building dialogue)

Like I said, insanely broad but given the context it should be
effective. Anyways, for each point I am going to present the Current
Situation, the Desired Situation and a few well designed examples to
highlight each point.

So while I am motoring along here today, I thought it would be
interesting to ask the group - for the 5 points I have listed, what
examples would you use to showcase well designed solutions?

I will tack my own list on here as well but I want to leave this open
at first. I apologize for giving very little context, but I am sure
you understand my position there. Not sure if I will get too much
response on this rather vague thread, but no harm in trying...

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