Using FB, MySpace,.. for persona development

13 Mar 2009 - 4:46pm
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Taking the persona discussion in a different direction. I have been
thinking lately, along the lines of how we can take advantage of the
social networking sites to develop a more realistic persona.
While this is not intended to replace the one-on-one interview to
observe and gather goals, it can be an effective
tool when it comes to humanizing the users. Here are a couple of ways
that I think it could work:

1) Given that professional/personal boundaries are blurry these days
one approach could be that during the process of interviewing your
users, ask if a non-interviewing team member can become the users
"FaceBook friend".This allows the design team to then understand
their user's frustrations/wins during the work day. Understand their
interests, perhaps even draw some commonalities between the set of
users they are interviewing.
2) Increasingly people are turning to their network to troubleshoot.
This is another aspect that is becoming valuable as we develop a

By observing their activity [legitimately & with their consent for a
pre-determined period of time :-], we can develop more effective
Curious to hear if anyone in our community has explored/integrated
this aspect [successfully/unsuccessfully], during the design phase ?


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