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6 Dec 2004 - 2:45pm
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Doug Anderson

Hi Donna & all,

I encountered a thread in TidBITS talk regarding stats software for Mac OS. It touched on usability, among other topics. You can find the thread at the following URL.

I've used SPSS 10.x under Mac OS 9 because that was the version available a couple years ago when I was taking grad stats courses and the professor's examples were based upon its capabilities and UI.

I didn't care much for the UI, but I'd reinstall it for use in the "Classic" environment under Mac OS X, if I could find the blamed installation CD. I am certain I put it in a very safe place... safe from me. Lots of capabilities, once you figure out how to use them. Use might seem easier to someone better-versed in stats.

There's now a newer version, rumored to be the last for Mac OS...

Doug Anderson
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

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Anybody in this list with statistical analysis experience to recomend
usable-statistical tool?

I am looking for good statistical tools for my analysis and want to
know what is considered most usable. Please provide me all the names
that comes to your mind with your inputs on tools' capability and

I would love to have some comparative study between MS Excel vs. rest
of the world -- MiniTab, SPSS, SAS, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Donna Timara
Usability Engineer

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