[Possible Spam] Joel Spolsky claims the "Program Manager" role does UI design... ????

12 Mar 2009 - 4:42pm
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Alan Cooper

" IxDA is basically that Org, IMHO re-born in a new generation."


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i'm with Andrei here.

If we are talking about our practice and in the realm of software, I
think you should call yourself a "software designer" or an
"interface designer". The more I dive into ID the more I realize
that the designer's job is to make a final appearance model. if you
aren't doing that, then you are just a middle man, and middlemen are
just too expendable.

Now!!! I want to add that this is completely different than the
"discipline" of Interaction Design. The discipline has a very
discreet identity from UI and ID and Architecture, etc. It works with
all of these and between them. It is a collection of theories and
methods that can be applied horizontally across

BUT! if we are talking about software, then heck, you are a UI
Designer or a Software Designer. Ya know about 15 years ago or so
there was a group called the Software Design Alliance or some such
with peeps like Cooper & Kapor deeply involved. it didn't go
anywhere at the time, but I think it was just bad timing on their
part. IxDA is basically that Org, IMHO re-born in a new generation.

-- dave

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