F2F in Los Angeles? take 2

30 Nov 2004 - 8:43pm
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Elizabeth Bacon

(Repeated message due to my last email becoming a bizarre text attachment.)

Hi folks,

I'd like to gauge interest in having a Face to Face meeting of IxD
practitioners in the Los Angeles area.

I suppose that in this vast metropolis, Los Angeles area means something in
between Orange County & San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica & ??...I've only
been here a year and a half, and haven't wrapped my head around all the
local communities yet. :)

Please respond to me off-list, I think. If there are enough voices, I'll get
in touch with Dave Heller, official sponsor of IxDG F2F activities, and see
what we can put together on an organized level. And if there aren't enough
folks to set up an "official" F2F, let's still do something anyways! I have
to think we'd be looking at doing something in the January timeframe.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line!


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